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A dermatologist is a medical specialist concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin, hair or nails. Some of these diseases require in-office surgery for diagnosis or treatment. In addition to skin treatment in Midland MI, the dermatologists at MidMichigan Dermatology also use various methods to improve one's appearance.

As a dedicated and leading provider of dermatology services, we take pride in offering the best individualized dermatological diagnostics and therapeutics. We can perform certain skin-care procedures that help improve the texture and appearance of your skin.

Our objective is to help you set medically attainable skin rejuvenation goals. We aim to accomplish this through education, treatment recommendations, and skin-care services that are all provided in relaxed and comfortable surroundings.

Certified Dermatologist Midland, MI

About Your Doctor    

Dr. Danita Peoples is a board-certified dermatologist who has practiced dermatology since 1986 and has featured a Midland office since 1994. She completed her medical training at Wayne State University and an internal medicine internship at William Beaumont Hospital. Dr. Peoples then completed her dermatology residency at Wayne State University.

Before this, she was on staff at the Henry Ford Health System as Division Head of Dermatology at the West Bloomfield campus.

In addition to her duties at MidMichigan Dermatology, she is a clinical assistant professor in the Wayne State University dermatology residency program, where she was voted voluntary faculty of the years 2012 and 2013.

Dr. Danita L. Peoples,M.D.

Exceptional Services for Skin Treatment in Midland, MI

If you ask most people what the largest organ in the human body is, most of them will answer incorrectly. Many will say the liver, while others may randomly choose the heart or lungs. While the liver may be the largest internal organ, the largest overall is our skin. That simple fact showcases how important it is, and how vital it is to access reliable, qualified services for skin treatment in Midland, MI, when you are seeking treatment.

The staff at MidMichigan Dermatology offers support with a range of dermatological issues that range from the common to the less well-known problems. Regardless of the reason why you choose to make use of our friendly and dependable services, whether it’s for skin rejuvenation, hair improvement, nail care, or another factor, we are ready to help.

Bringing Effective Relief to You


Our skilled staff makes extensive efforts to offer quality service for a wide range of conditions, both common and uncommon.

If you are ever dealing with a troublesome skin issue which causes discomfort or pain, you want relief that is prompt, reliable, and easy to access. We understand and empathize with you and make it a goal of ours to offer treatment at our clinic for rare skin diseases for our patients.

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